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[ K A N A A S H I K A G A ] by danshi6325 [ K A N A A S H I K A G A ] by danshi6325
D A T A – L Y Z E S T Y L E- blame the fish besides me
I Got in Wooooo!
Feel free to rp with me ovo~


[Data Found]

{ N A M E } [ A S H I K A G A, K A N A ]
{ N I C K N A M E(S) } [ K A N, A S H, T B A ]
{ G E N D E R }male[ F E M A L E ]
{ A G E } [ 1 6 ]
{ G R A D E } [ F I R S T Y E A R ]
{ D O R M } [ S A K U R A M A C H I]
{ C L U B } [ Basketball Club ]

{ L I K E S : }
[ +Adventure type of movies
+Gore/Horror Movies
+Her hairclips
+Will add more stuff later on]

{ D I S L I K E S: }
[ -Mr. Nice guys “TOO MUCH NICE WILL KILL YOU //kicked”
-Soft Hearted peeps – “:iconduudewtfplz: They are not man enough…”
-Romance Movies and maybe in general “Who would want to act romantic infront of the others?....its just..ew..”
-Being called a shorty “Don’t you dare call me that..”
-Will add more stuff later]


{ S T U B B O R N B O Y I S H G I R L }

[ Kana is a boyish, stubborn kind of girl, who likes playing basketball after she was introduced to the game. She also likes to fight due to watching too much movies and also herself. She is also a type of person, who doesn't like being called a Shorty, if you do; get ready to meet a fist on your face. But hey she is also a girl who somewhat doesn't like seeing her friends being 'bullied' nor herself. When first time meeting her, she mostly got a basketball with her or with a poker face, or bored and she will start calling them by their surname. Well she is easily getting bored if the one she is doing is something not so interesting. Even though she has a boyish attitude, she still has a girlish and shy side but it's just rarely seen by people but mostly her close friends.

Though at some point she can be a sporty type of person, she usually participates in any events that have sports in it as a theme. And she also has this side that didn't like seeing her friends frown and will try to do something to make them smile instead and doesn't like giving up on this kind of situation. Well to be in fact she rarely gives up on anything well except for studies and exams, she's quite laid-back on it. And she has no fear to try out new stuff except makeups or any girly stuff, though sometimes she gets forced to. And whenever she focus on something, she’ll not stop till she is done on understanding whatever it was and didn’t like to be disturb if she’s in that state.

Even with this kind of personalities, she also has this kind type of attitude like people has and she respects everybody’s private space and doesn’t even try and bother them if they didn’t really want to touch the topic. And whenever she heard a humor about that guy/girl, she would just ignore it and rather not join in. But whenever somebody acts rude to her or disrespect her, she wouldn't bother talk back and just ignore it but if that somebody doesn't stop she wouldn't mind acting mean and tell him/her what's wrong with his/her attitude, which can lead to problems, though she doesn't care since for her it's the right thing to do. But then instead of talking back she might also just punch him/her straight in the face. ]

{ B I O }

{ K I N D E R G A R T E N }

[ Kana was an adopted daughter of the Ashikaga family, who owns a big company in Japan, she was sent to a school by her parents so that she would be sociable and to meet other peoples other than them. She had an ‘easy’ life in Preschool and was really hyper and always smiles and she had such many friends but then, sadly she has to leave them. And after she finished preschool, her parents transferred her to a different school for Elementary. ]

{ E L E M E N T A R Y }

[ And then after Kana was enrolled to an elementary school, she was starting to get bored and repeated every single day like that. Although one day she saw a girl getting picked on by some boys, she tried to talk to them to stop but instead they started on picking on her as well. And that’s when they ticked her off; she pinched one of the boy’s ears and slapped the others. But then a teacher saw what she did and reported her to the principal’s office. Her parents were about to get called until the girl whom she ‘saved’ told the principal why Kana did that. Kana thanked her so much since if her parents found out about it, she could imagine them yelling at her. The girl just smiled and asked if she wanted to come with her at Lunch time. And Kana just agreed and became friends with her, then after a few days later, the boys from the last time had appeared and said sorry to them, regretting what they had done. Kana had chuckled and asked them if they want to join her and the girl. The boys nodded happily, and thus all of them became friends, and after hanging around with them, sooner or later Kana had become more boyish. After all that, they finished Elementary and promised that they’ll see each other again. ]

{ M I D D L E S C H O O L }

[ Kana’s parents decided to let her stay on the school since she was really happy there, although she has been wearing too much boyish clothes, she won’t even wear dresses, well excluded the school uniform since she had to. Her mother was surprise about this but she didn’t actually care for now since for her she’s just a ‘kid’. The school started and Kana looked around to see where her friends were, and then when she found them, she had approached them with a smile. Though she was wearing the school uniform, and her friends chuckled at this. But her only girl friend suggested she should try out some other clothes like dresses. And then one day instead of going to the mall, the boys had invited them to play basketball but sadly, the two girls didn’t know how to play that game, but then again Kana decided to try it out while the other one, Ami just pass and told them she would just watch. At first Kana had a hard time understanding the game but she focused and ended up learning it on her own way. She had fun and told Ami she should try and play, but Ami refused and smiled, then her guy friends yelled shorty while the other one yelled ‘Ash’ which kind of pissed her so she smacked their heads. They all had fun the whole day and the whole year. Although, time passed and they have to go to high school now, and the school they were entering doesn’t have HS and her parents wanted to move her to another school. This news made her sad, but she hoped her friends will be there too but then, Ami was going to America and the guys are going to some all-boys school, and they can only communicate using emails. Oh well such as life, they spent all of their time left, together. And now days passed and it’s already time to leave, they had a hard time saying goodbye but they had too. And Kana was too stubborn to cry but deep inside her she wanted, but she can’t. She thinks it may make her look weak, and now it’s time for summer. ]

{ S U M M E R }

[ And thus the summer began which was completely B O R I N G for her, since her friends’ house were far now since they all moved, while the girl one went to America after the graduation. She mostly stayed indoors the whole summer, playing video games and such. Well she didn’t bother reading an educational book, only manga and also watching Anime. Although she thought she doesn’t need to go to school again but she didn’t expect that there is still Highschool. And when she asked her parents about it, she was like “:iconsobbplz: Nooooo!” but then she has to. Her parents didn’t let her pick what school she would be in since they already found a school for her a.k.a “Tachikawa High” which her parents heard from their friends. Kana gave up, she can’t do anything now. Her parents already signed her up for the enrollment. So she decided to get ready for this school year and see how it will go. ]

{ F A C T S }

[ -She is boyish and never tried to wear dresses again-
-When she’s on a party she wears tuxedo instead of gowns or any girly stuffs-
-She has different color of hair-clips :iconimsotiredplz: but mostly use black- and she doesn’t have pink color clip-. ]

{ Q U O T E (S) }

[ “Beats me”
“Basketball? I’m In!”
“How dare you call me a Shorty?! :icondatfaceplz:
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